(1-2 years with a parent)
Our school places great focus on playgroups which have been running very successfully over the years. Young children need a stimulating environment to play and learn for optimum development. Our courses are taught in both English and Putonghua with theme topics as the base. We offer our learners a broad variety of early learning experiences such as music and movement, story telling, sensory activities and handcrafts.



1. Music, rhythm and story-telling

Children’s hearing, capacity for independent thinking, language competence and physical coordination are strengthened through musical rhythm activities. In class, we adapt a flexible interactive teaching methodology allowing room for adjustments to the curriculum. Sessions allow individuality and each child has their own approach towards the
development of their social skills and it is at playgroup where we are able to follow the lead of the child through this development stage.




2. Handcraft activities

As part of our strategy, we support our children’s imagination and creativity. Our school arranges arts and crafts
activities according to the curriculum themes. We aim to develop the children’s sensory development, motor skills,
coordination, imagination and observational skills through both two-dimensional and three-dimensional creative work.



3. Playtime

In class, children’s language skills, emotional development, imagination and problem-solving skills can be advanced through different types of interactive games. Playgroup is a great way for children to learn about the world, make friends and develop social skills. It is important for children to be active learners and thinkers right from the early start.