Courses and Curriculum



International Bilingual Curriculum

We have integrated English and Chinese teaching, into a whole bilingual language teaching environment. We adopt a western teaching approach using in-house materials created by our native speakers.  As to maintain the high level of teaching abilities of our staff, we have sent our teachers and administration staff to visit early childhood institutions around the US and Canada on a regular basis. They learn innovative methods, receive the latest advanced training, and are able to gather information and innovative academic ideas, further strengthening our curriculum to give our students a greater ability to succeed. In addition, most teachers teaching this curriculum are native English and Beijing Putonghua speakers with professional qualifications enabling our students to receive the best language skills.


Multi-Cultural Curriculum

In order to broaden the children's ethnic and cultural vision, we do not only focus on local culture but also provide our students with a multi-cultural learning environment. We frequently organize topic core teaching themes and celebrations with international cultural characteristics. Those activities include international culture week, western and Chinese festival celebrations as well as hosting national dress up week. Focusing on these themes, we are teaching children to have a diverse and positive attitude which enables them to respect and accept different cultures.


Interactive Teaching Approach

We utilize an inspiring interactive teaching approach in order to provide an opportunity for children to learn through games. We inspire children to learn more about their surroundings through exploration. Our interactive teaching approach not only increases children's interest in their surrounding , but also effectively enhances their independent thinking and analyzing abilities. Thus, children are able to learn to study with independence paired with a positive attitude. Group learning plays a significant role in an interactive teaching approach. Children can enjoy the fun of learning with classmates and their problem solving skills can also be improved.


Adhering to 'Guide to the Pre-Primary Curriculum' issued by the Education Bureau (EDB), our school-based curriculum framework is designed on the basis of six learning areas, which are "Physical Fitness and Health", "Language", "Early Mathematics", "Science and Technology", "Self and Society" and "Arts". Through life experiences, sensory encounters, exploration and interesting games, children's holistic development can be fostered. We also encourage active participation of intra-school and inter-school activities in order to fully develop their thinking and physical development in a balanced way. We create a stimulating learning environment that facilitates children's development of multiple intelligences. 

Special emphasis should be placed in developing children's basic skills, building up basic concepts and cultivating their positive values and attitudes.


Our school curriculum adopts the spiral progression approach to ensure mastery of knowledge and skills through interactive games, story-telling and outdoor visits. To ensure a smooth transition to primary schools, we also instill classroom exercises such as data collection record books and memory games to enrich their vocabulary and creative writing skills. To further quantitatively and qualitatively assess the school children, the establishment of child development portfolios help monitor their development and learning progress throughout the process of observation, record-keeping and analysis. 


Our school system is divided into trilingual class and bilingual class. Trilingual class is conducted under the notion of 'biliteracy and trilingualism' on the basis of Cantonese, English and Putonghua. Bilingual class is conducted with the emphasis of both English and Putonghua taught by our experienced expatriate teachers and qualified native Beijing Mandarin teachers respectively.