Our Teaching Team

Apart from providing teachers with regular training, our school also encourages them to continue advanced studies in the educational sector to ensure the quality consistency of our teachers. Our bilingual curriculum is taught by experienced and professional expatriate teachers and qualified native Beijing Mandarin teachers. To ensure our students learn accurate and fluent English, all expatriate teachers employed are native speakers originating from the UK, USA, Canada and Australia, etc. All Mandarin teachers must complete The Putonghua Proficiency Test or Putonghua Shuiping Ceshi (PSC).


About Our Teachers

All teachers at Zenith are caring, experienced, highly qualified and display great passion in teaching. They are fully trained with excellent academic backgrounds in early childhood education. To ensure the continuance and quality of our teachers, we not only provide teachers with regular training but also encourage them to continue their studies in the education field.

To ensure the quality of our International Bilingual Curriculum, all our English and Putonghua teachers are experienced and have a highly professional background. As we place great emphasis on the children's language development, all our expatriate English teachers are native speakers, originating from either the UK, USA, Canada or Australia and who have also obtained their tertiary or above in education. In addition to our professional group of English teachers, our International Bilingual Curriculum is also taught by qualified native Beijing Putonghua teachers.