Student Achievements







       Our kindergarten highly encourages children to take part in various school competitions and activities to build self-confidence, challenge themselves and enhance their knowledge. Our students participate in different types of school events every year, to include participation in English and Putonghua Speech Competitions, Sudoku contest and music festivals. Under the guidance of teachers, coupled with regular practice, they have been awarded medals of merit for many consecutive years.


English Speech Competition

Our kindergarten is committed to the enhancing children’s English proficiency by allowing them to participate in different English Speech Competitions every year.

In the ‘Super Language Recitation Competition’ organized by the Hong Kong International Exchange of Artist and Culture Association (HKIEACA) last year, our students were successfully crowned the champion and runners-up and received compliments in ‘The Standard' newspaper.


Successive Years of Dance Awards


Our kindergarten is committed to providing children with educational diversity and all-rounded exposure. In addition to the academic and moral education, we place great emphasis on arts and dance. Dance is an expression of body language which can help children develop sensory experience to explore, understand and appreciate the world in different senses, including vision, hearing, touch and body dynamics.


We purposely hired a senior preschool teacher who graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy for special dancing training. Under professional guidance, children learn to think and become gregarious and confident in performing in various open competitions and consequently enhance their artistic accomplishments and develop their perseverance. Our dance team has been awarded Best Performance Award and Best Costume Award in over seventy inter-school dance festivals and Hong Kong Open Dance Competitions in successive years. This is such an accomplishment.


Music Competition

Our students delivered an incredible performance in the ‘Territory-wide Young Children's English Song Singing Contest ​ 2016’ with full confidence and consistent action.


Sudoku Competition

Our students achieved great results in this year's Sudoku Competition under the guidance of teachers, coupled with constant practice and efforts.


Mandarin Speech Competition

Our students are taught and raised in a bilingual learning environment at Zenith, and are well accomploshed with their language skills and have been awarded prizes in the Mandarin Speech Festival for their articulate Mandarin pronunciation and outstanding presentation skills.